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Re: [SHRAGE: Standardization]

Date: 8 Feb 1981 (Sunday) 1158-EDT
From: SHRAGE at WHARTON-10 (Jeffrey Shrager)
To:   kmp
Re:   Standardization

I can understand your position... ie, a research group, and know that
you do not have the time to work on such standardization.  I was not
implying that you personally should do the job.  I was simply replying
to your most recent note.  Anyhow -- yes, LISP is typically used as
a research tool and, yes, documentation on the lisps that exist would
be a good step.  Note that being a research group you will eventually,
hopefully, produce a product for whoever and if it is a good one then
others might want to run it but be restricted by the particular LISP
dialect that it runs under.

May all your research be fruitful.
-- Jeff