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Re: Proposed schedule for change from "/" to "\"

(1) The change should be done "all at once"
(2) The system itself, in this case the READER should be able
    to make the conversion of a file, since *what* has to be
    done to convert a file can be quite easily expressed in the
    language. (Maybe that is *should* be easily expressable).
(3) If each source has some associated date, which was the last
    "date" of "lisp" which the source was "run" in, then it
    would be a lot easier to keep joe-user happy when the
    language is changing out from under him for reasons he
    cannot understand. Joe-user usually thinks about himself
    and not the many programmers who will follow him.


p.s. I've thought out how to build "2" into a lisp system if anybodys