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Administrative Note

We created LISP-FORUM several years ago as a bridge between the 
implementors of many dialects of Lisp who had formerly worked 
in isolation.

Just as I frequently remind newcomers to the list, I suppose it's
worth mentioning again to those who are already established on the
list,... This list reaches a lot of busy people. It is not the place
for long discussions which are not of general interest. It is also
not the place for long, rambly arguments which have not been 
carefully thought out and carefully presented. If in doubt (and
even when not), bounce your ideas off of other people before sharing
them with the group.

We've lost too many valuable contributors in the past due to what 
they felt was excessive flaming. It would be sad if more key people 
started to feel that way and withdraw from the group.

Thanks. --kmp