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    Date: Wednesday, 11 May 1983, 01:58-EDT
    From: Matt BenDaniel <SMATT@MIT-OZ>

    I'd also be very interested in hearing answers to the following question:

        Date: Thursday, 14 April 1983, 10:14-EST
        From: Webster Dove <dove at MIT-DSPG>

        Is there a way in (loop ...) to say

        "go directly to the next iteration.  Do not execute the remaining
        clauses of the body"

        Such statements typically are called "continue" or "next"

    I have encountered many situations where such a statement would be

Date: Thursday, 14 April 1983  17:27-EST
In-reply-to: The message of 14 Apr 1983 10:14-EST from Webster Dove <dove at MIT-DSPG>

There isn't now.  Normally one encloses the body in a conditional
(unfortunately, it can be painful to do this currently if the body
includes COLLECT statements).  The main problem with having a continue
statement is that it may be unclear just what is regarded as "the body"
and what is regarded as "the iteration framework":  If there is a WHILE
statement later in the LOOP than the CONTINUE, should it be skipped
or should it still be executed?  And is the answer to this affected by
whether there is a DO after the WHILE?