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greetdirectory  is the directory on which the system initiatlizatio file
is to be found. initially LISP

greetfile  is the name of the file, initially INIT

greetext is the name of the extention, initially LISP

greetfile and greetext apply to both the system initialization
file and the users. the users file is always on his directory.

note that greetdirectory would only be of use for makesyses
or sysout other than lisp since there is no way for
thatto be changed before it gets acessed, however it wuld
be possible to put in init.lisp something which changed
greetfile and greetext if a site wished to hae the init files
stored on otherthan init.lisp. however, the main purpose of
making these variables is to aid implementors in setting
up their own makesyses or sysouts.