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Mail-from: Arpanet host SU-AI rcvd at 7-MAY-79 1659-PDT
Date: 7 May 1979 1657-PDT
From: Dave Barstow <DRB at SU-AI>
Subject: INTERLISP bugs
To:   teitelman at PARC-MAXC, masinter at PARC-MAXC
CC:   DRB at SU-AI  

A couple of problems that we've noticed with the INTERLISP from 22-Jan-79:

(1) page 14.74 of the manual gives CONTAIN as the name of the property
used with FILEPKGCOM, but that doesn't get accepted.  I looked at
the source code, and it seems that CONTENTS and IN? are acceptable.

(2) much more vexing is that the filepackage doesn't work very well
with subdirectories on TOPS-20.  for example, if I'm logged in as
<BARSTOW.LISP>, and load a file called FOO, this gets recorded on
FILELST as FOO.LISP>FOO, that is, the file name
is put in the position of the first part of the subdirectory name.
I looked around a little bit to see if I could fix it somehow, or
at least put in a patch that would catch it when it occurs,
but with no success.  this problem is actually quite
consequential, since some places (e.g. Yale), like to have people's
directories as subdirectories of projects.  Ditto for some
people at Schlumberger.

Any suggestions?

Dave Barstow