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Mail-from: Arpanet host SRI-KL rcvd at 6-JUL-79 1257-PDT
Date:  6 Jul 1979 1247-PDT
From: Wilber at SRI-KL (Mike Wilber)
Subject: manual typos
To:   teitelman at PARC-MAXC2

Date:  6 Jul 1979 1143-PDT
From: Tyson
Subject: Interlisp manual typo
To:   wilber

On pages 23.55,56 the function PUT is used 10 times.  Since PUT is not in the
manual, I presume PUTPROP would be more appropriate.
...also, minhash (footnote on p 10.10) isn't indexed in the section, 
master or function indices...

in case i didn't mention it before, i think the new edition is a 
masterpiece, for which many, many thanks...

cheers -- mike