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A new version of the HASH package is released (on <LISPUSERS> and <NETLISP>).

It provides the following new features:

1.  A new value-type, 2NUMBERS.  The values of this type consist of
a cons cell whose car is a 24-bit number and whose cdr is a 36 bit number.
Such values are returned in a "transient" cons with "transient" numbers (meaning
that they must be copied with CONS and/or IPLUS before another value is
called for).  This type might be used, for example, for storing the starting
and ending byte positions of expressions printed in the print-region.

2.  HASHFILEPROP recognizes two new attributes:

	#ENTRIES - returns the total number of entries in the file.
	ITEMLENGTH - returns the average number of characters per entry.

These values may be given to CREATEHASHFILE to indicate what the
initial allocations should be when creating a new hash-file based on
an old one.