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filepkg changes

Date: 23 JUL 1979 2327-PDT
Subject: New FILEPKG on <NEWLISP>

I think I fixed the rename of fields bug, but its a little tricky and
we'll just have to see what happens.

I also made a few other small changes:

1.  I added a feature to the FILES command originally requested by
Yonke so that he could more easily specify where lispusers files were to
come from.  THe keyword FROM can be followed by the keyword VALUEOF,
in which case a FINDFILE exprssion gets put out instead of a simple
quote.  E.g.
I think this does what Yoke wanted.  The only glitch is in the case the
file isn't found anywhere, the error message gives NIL not fond
instead of HASH.COM not found (cause the FINDFILE returns NIL).
I guess I could put out a more coplicted prog and test the value, but
this will do for now.

2.  In CHANGECALLERS, i changed the interpretation of DEFAULTRENAMEMETHOD
slightly.  If it is MASTERSCOPE and there is no masterscope data base, then
it is assumed to be EDITCALLERS.  (If the use actually secifies masterscope
(i.e. not by default) then that assumption isn't made).
Also, I made it cause an ERROR (instead of HELP) if the user specifies
an unrecognized method.

3.  I changed EDITDEF so that it does not print a warning that
the definition won't be unsaved if the definition is in fact EQUAL to
the current definition.  That warning is spurious and confusing--it has
been buggin me and Henry in ABC, where DFNFLG is PROP.

4.  I changed CHANGECALLERS in another way:  If the name to be changed
is defined as more than one type (e.g. a FNS and a VARS), then the editor
is called not with an EXAM command to let the user decide
what to do, but with a much more complicated command that interrogtes
the user as to what he wants done.  The responses to the askuser are
Yes, do the replacement, No skip to the next occurrence, and anything else, do
a TTY:.