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new error numbers and interpreter

(1) whenever a u.b.a error occurs the error number will be set
to 44 (error string = UNBOUND ATOM) with culprit the atom.
note thatif dwim corrects the error, no error occurs and error number
is not set. however, if an error is going to occur, whether or
not it will cause a brak, the error number will be set.

(2) whenever an undefined car of form occurs, error number will
be 45 (error string = UNDEFINED CAR OF FORM), and culprit is the form.

(3) whenever an undefined function in aply occurs,
error number 46, culprit is list[fn;args]

(4) whenever user types control-e, error nummer will be 47, errorstring=

the purpose of this is to allow programs to be written in lisp
which can detect what caused an error, and thus be made sufficiently
robust to use as servers.  

willie-sue, you should install these 4 new errors and errorstrings.
you dont have to do anything else since is all aken care f in helpdl.