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experimental new feeature in spelling corrector

fixspell1 has been modified so that if the value returned fro
askuser is a list, it simply passes this back. (fixspell1 used
to always return T or NIL).
the default keylst used by askuser and dwim have been modified
to allow user to type U for Use and then a value (one value - having
user be able to esentially type in two things meaning a run on correction
was too complicated an interaction with fixspell).

fixspell has  een modified so thatif fixspell1 returns a list,
it treats car of the list as the correct value.

i will be reloadin gsoon. lets try playing with this and
see if it has the desired properties. it was a little harder
to put in that one would think at first because of all the
interactios with runon corrections, synonyms, etc. and the
fact that fixspell can be called in lots of different configuraions.