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Re: lisp software, <LISPUSERS> packages

Warren forwarded your inquiry about Lisp packages to me. 

New packages for <LISPUSERS> are actively solicited. Minimal
requirements are that the file be editable and compilable in a
"standard" Interlisp (e.g., all declarations which need be are in
DECLARE: EVAL@COMPILE's, including possibly (RESETSAVE
DWIMIFYCOMPFLG T), no special file package commands which
aren't explicitly imported, etc.), and that the file be accompanied
by a text file which describes its use. The text file should include
the name and net address of anyone who should get mail about
the use of the package. For example, you might submit EVALHOOK,

We will put the file on <LISPUSERS> at PARC and elsewhere.
I will include it in the list I am putting together of <LISPUSERS>
files which are generally available. (Until then, you might just look,
using FTP as ANONYMOUS at [parc-maxc]<LISPUSERS> for things
which you do not already have at your local site.)