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Lisp garbage collection and storage stats.

Paul Kline told me that you were the person to ask if one had questions
about Interlisp on Sumex.  I am working with a knowledge acquisition
system written in Lisp.  What I am trying to do is to get an idea
of how much storage each new piece of knowledge takes up in CORE when
it is created.  What I thought of doing was to add X pieces of knowledge after
doing a RECLAIM() andf STORAGE() and then do another RECLAIM()
and STORAGE().  However,  it seems as though whenever I do a RECLAIM it
somehow thinks I am using more storage even if I did nothing after
the previous RECLAIM  except for perhaps a call to STORAGE.  i.e.
it says I am using up to 700 words of List space more.  If RECLAIM
is doing these wierd things I can't get the statistics I need.

Any suggestions?     Thanks, dave.