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The following functions are to be used to eschew vag's and loc's
when rferencing compiled code. they will wokr
on either resident or swapped code, and take care
of making sure thatthe function is in the buffer.

fnopenr[def;adr]     def is a GETD - either ccodep or handlep
    and adr is a relative address. value is contents of
     corresponing cell. takes care of fact that
   getd for compiled def corresponds to the entry point
   and for handlep  to entry point -2 in that adr is always
  computed relative to  entry  point

fnopenra[def;adr]     like fnopenr but returns car of corresonding
   cell  i.e. right half (as unboxed quantity)

fnopenrd  --

similar  fnclosera,  fncloserd,  /fnclosera, /fncloserd, /fncloser

all but the / function  compile open.