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various fixes

Fixed masterscope so that it does not call LOADEFS with the filename
from the FILEDATES property (i.e., if the file moves, it will use FINDFILE
to find it).

fixed RECORD so that if a field has both a sub-declaration and a
default value, as in

that a CREATE expression will use the default value for B (i.e. B=NIL)
unless one of the fields of the sub-declaration is given; in the above
example, that means that (create FOO) returns (LIST NIL), but
(create FOO C _ 3) returns (LIST NIL 3). {fix to problem report from
AThompson at USC-ECL}.

I fixed UNSAVEFNS in Masterscope so that (a) it doesn't leave the file
open, (b) the (loaded FN) message comes after it loads it in, and 
(c) the error message is fixed.

I fixed the record package not to attempt to do spelling corrections
on the function names used in the tail of declarations.

(more to come)