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Lucid would like you to try the Lucid "Autoload Facility." This
facility allows you to define pseudo (autoloadable) functions whose
actual executable code is not loaded into the image until the 
functions are called for the first time.

By using the "Autoload Facility" you can decrease the size of the
Lisp image for those applications which require only occasional
or controlled access to certain functions.  For example, large 
applications in which certain functions have a low probability of 
being used will benefit from having "autoloadable functions" available.

The Lucid "Autoload Facility" is provided in source code form, free
of charge, and with no obligations, to all Lucite members.

To receive your copy, please send your:

	Electronic Mail Address
	Company Name
	Company Address
	Phone Number


	Lucid, Inc.
	707 Laurel Street
	Menlo Park, CA  94025

Lucid will distribute the software to you via electronic mail.  Or,
if you do not receive electronic mail, we will mail the software to you.
Simply mail us the media on which you would like to receive the software.

Note:  The "Autoload Facility" comes with no warranty and is provided
as unsupported software.