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question about lucid

Does anyone know how to get the name of the function that causes an error
when you are in the debugger?  For instance:

if I have

(defun foo (n)
   (unless (numberp n)
      (error "~a is not a number." n)))

if I call (foo 'foo) and end up in the error handler I would like to be
able to get back FOO.  I have found the function LUCID::STACK-FRAME-NAME,
but it seems to behave differently for different versions of lucid
(specifically in version 1.0.6 and version 2.1).  Is there any standard way
in lucid to do this??

--Dan Aronson
ARPA: dan@think.com
UUCP: (harvard, ihnp4, bloom-beacon)!think!dan