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change to instance structure protocol

    Date: Thu, 29 Nov 1990 17:36 EST
    From:	Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>

    re:  In Symbolics' implementation notinline SLOT-VALUE
	does not call SLOT-VALUE-USING-CLASS for the standard metaclass.

    I thought it was supposed to, so that the user could hang hooks.
    Or, are you simly referring to an optimization of the notinline
    case when there are no user-defined methods?

From p.13 of the July 30, 1990 metaobject protocol specification draft:

"Any method, defined by a portable program on a specified generic
function, must have at least one specializer which is not a specified

So "the standard metaclass" implies "no user-defined methods" (except
for the bug with EQL specialized methods that Cyphers pointed out, which
I imagine is one of the banes of Gregor's existence too).