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The following reply to a query on comp.lang.clos give one more inch
of evidence for the utility of the phrases "direct instances" and
"indirect" or "derived" instances.

    Date: Mon, 11 Feb 91 14:08:44 MST
    From: egdorf@zaphod.lanl.gov (Skip Egdorf)
    To: mikeb@ford-wdl1.ARPA
    Cc: commonloops@cis.ohio-state.edu
    In-Reply-To: (Michael H Bender's message of 11 Feb 91 18:18:40 GMT <MIKEB.91Feb11101840@wdl35.wdl.loral.com>
    Subject: RE: accessing clos objects
    . . .
       I have implemented such a metaclass using the accessors for
    class name-object mapping as a model. This scheme allows
    (class-direct-instances class), (instance-name object), 
    (find-instance obect), and (setf (instance-name object) ...) on any 
    instances of classes of this new metaclass.
    . . . 

Out of curiosity, is this email disucssion list "dead" now?  Is there
going to be any further discussion of the "pink" book?

-- JonL --