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Re: Function constants

> Date: Mon, 24 Apr 89 09:18:58 PDT
> From: Richard P. Gabriel <rpg@lucid.com>
> I am trying to avoid a situation in which we go to great lengths to
> define a language - Common Lisp - and then we turn around and say,
> ``heh, now if you want to write programs and compile them, here are
> the rules: if you're going to compile things this way, you can do this,
> but you can't do that; if you're going to compile things this other way,
> here's what you have to do....''

I agree, but it seems like the damage was done when we accepted
proposal QUOTE-SEMANTICS:NO-COPYING.  The effect of that proposal is
to make the requirements for COMPILE-FILE more restrictive than the
ones for EVAL and COMPILE, so we are in fact dealing with two
specifications.  (All we are trying to deal with as far as function
constants are concerned is COMPILE-FILE.)