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re: Condition System Rewrite: cell-error

[In reply to message from Moon@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM sent Wed, 7 Jun 89 14:53 EDT.]

The word ``entity'' bothers me. It sounds like a punt. I suspect that a
careful writer could use binding for name-object associations and other 
phrases to get across that go tags and the like have certain behavior.

I'm looking at the glossary as a dictionary rather than as a source of
language. If ``binding'' is not now used for tags, I don't think we should
extend it that way. However, I await the flood of existing usage to prove
me wrong. (I exclude three sources of usage: the X3J13 spec itself and
anything written by Pitman or Jonl).

It strikes me that the key distinction between ``entity'' and ``object''
is that an entity is something that can be bound according to the extended
definition of binding. The definition of ``entity'' is simpy a list of things.