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Tempest in a Teapot

I spent the last few days at a workshop stewing over the guideline
problem. I think there is more sound and fury than substance. I would
describe the ISO submission as follows:

The conceptual part (chapters 1-5, chapter 8. Section 6.1) is a little
cleaned up.

The function pages (the rest of chapter 6) is slightly better typeset
(mostly accomplished by 2 emacs macros I have). I think I might have
changed 5 paragraphs in the entire function pages part. I suspect no one
outside this group but Sandra and Pitman would notice any difference
between Kathy's last draft and this one.

The major things I did in the function pages, which actually didn't make
it into the ISO submission, was to delete an implementation suggestion,
and I made the descriptions of FUNCALL and APPLY consistent.

I think the best idea is to take a look at what I did and judge how
different it is.