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re: review material for X3J13

    Date: 15 Aug 89  1040 PDT
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SAIL.Stanford.EDU>


      I don't know what was sent to ISO, but I was under the impression that ISO
      was supposed to get only a subset of the document, whereas obviously we don't
      want to conceal any portion of the document from the X3J13 reviewers.

    ISO got the parts that have been relatively polished. I believe the ISO
    document was specifically requested by X3J13. I am perfectly happy to
    ignore the request and do something else.

Allow me to rephrase my remark.  I think X3J13 review should commence for all
portions of the document, not only those that are polished, with the possible
exception of any portions that are currently undergoing substantial reworking
that will definitely be finished in time to allow X3J13 to review the results
by November.  (I don't know whether there are any such portions.)  For example,
I think the function pages should all be sent out for X3J13 review pretty soon,
or we'll fall way behind schedule.