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I'm beginning to package up the remaining function descriptions 
to send for the pre-review that's to be done by a small number
of people (just as we did for the first half of the document,
the part you just received). In case you don't remember, the first
part of the document was broken into pieces and the following 
people (I may have missed someone in the following list) reviewed
a piece before the document was sent to ISO:
Moon, Gabriel, Sandra, David Gray, Patrick Dussud, Cris Perdue,
How do you think that procedure worked? Should it be done again
or should I just send the remainder of the document as it currently
stands to X3J13 for its review? Alternatively, should we just
divide the document among ourselves and review it? 

On another subject, I am in the process of taking a new assignment
that is supposed to start mid-October. Obviously there's a fair 
amount of work left to do on the standard and more meetings to
attend. It is remotely possible that I will be able to allocate 
time from my regular schedule to work on the standard, but I'm
not counting on it. Thus turn-around time from me will be
slower than usual. Also, I doubt I will be able to attend
the November meeting. I don't think any of the problems I
mention are show-stoppers, but I'd appreciate hearing your
opinions and suggestions about what shoud be done.