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re: re: Aaron Larson's comments

>However, the glossary is not consistent with this.  There is no entry for
>"member", and the entry for "instance" is inconsistent with the terminology
>I thought we were using, is ungrammatical, and uses the word "element" in
>yet another new way (derived from "element of a set", but inconsistent with
>other uses of "element" in the specification; anyway "member of a set" is
>as good as "element of a set" so let's use it).  Actually, in spite of the
>number of reviews it has been through the glossary is still pretty terrible.
Can you propose (or have you already) a definition for "member"?

>Am I right in thinking that people from other language communities would
>laugh at us for still not having worked out our terminology some seven
>years into the language definition effort?  Certainly terminology has not
>visibly been a priority for most members of X3J13, or most members of the
>Lisp community for that matter.  Some 31 years into the history of the
>language most people still don't seem to be sure what a "form" is.
haha! how true!