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miscellaneous things

I'm finding some time this week to catch up on X3J13 work, after
having been distracted with "real work" for several weeks.  Actually,
the main reason why I haven't been doing as much work on the standard
as I had hoped is that we still have some procedural issues to
resolve and no real work plan in place yet.  Here are some specific
things that need to be taken care of:

- The issues that were voted on at the last meeting haven't been
distributed yet.

- It appears that the April meeting is not going to happen.  How can
we deal with the backlog of cleanup-type issues that are accumulating
in the meantime?  Do we need to put together a mail ballot?

- Who is now maintaining the master copy of the document and keeping
track of who is working on what parts?  Are there archives of the
reviewers' comments on the document that haven't yet been

If any of you from the east coast contingent would like to discuss
these kinds of things with me, I am going to be in the Boston area
again for a quick trip this weekend.  Send me some e-mail if you want
to set something up.