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Re: miscellaneous things

" The issues that were voted on at the last meeting haven't been
distributed yet."

I guess this is my fault, since I said I would do it, and kept on
putting it off with other ("real") work; there are the minutes, but
the issues behind them still aren't in order.

Here's a proposed work plan:

You have a fairly comprehensive list of issues. You keep the list of
proposals which are "uncontested". If there's some questions that we
haven't resolved (e.g., no proposal) then they stay on the list as
open. If there are some issues where there's serious debate, then we
can go to full-dress style cleanup issues. 

As for "who is now maintaining the master copy of the document", I
thought it was Kathy. I'm willing to try to put the entire document
online for retrieval via a mail-archive server as well as anonymous
FTP, but I'll need to get the tape.

I tried to reply to David about this a while ago, but my mail to him
bounced and I'm sorry to say that I didn't follow up.