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What's going on?

I've been spending almost 8 hours a week on Common Lisp, except for the
occasional odd week when I get preempted.  This doesn't seem to be
enough to keep up with reading the mail, finishing the document review,
offering opinions on new cleanup issues from Kim and Sandra, and writing
a work plan.  Actually the problem with the work plan is mentally
grasping the whole set of issues to be dealt with, not the actual
writing.  So I'm not making much visible progress.

Symbolics wants me to spend a reasonable fraction of my time on Common
Lisp, but I can't spend all of my time on it, or even half.  In other
words, the problem isn't that Symbolics doesn't want to let me do it,
the problem is that it's too hard.  I haven't figured out yet whether I
should decline the honor of chairing the drafting committee, or simply
proceed at a slow pace as I have been.

Until last week, only two people had ever asked me how come they hadn't
heard any follow-up on the new drafting proposal at the November meeting,
so I assumed no one cared very much about getting it done quickly.