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Dan worries to much and too fast. When we approached people on Common
Lisp originally, they were doing their own things, and now we've managed
to sway most people. I know Padget a bit, and I'm not unfriendly with
Fitch. I think we need to convince them that Common Lisp is here to stay
and that they should concentrate on a clean substrate for their future
research. Europeans understand politics better than most Americans.

Xerox would like Bobrow on the committee. I assume there is no objection
to this. The management at Xerox seems eager to join in with Common Lisp
and to make up lost ground as fast as possible. Privately, the management
cannot believe the pig-headedness that the technical group at Parc

I talked to Gary McGreal (an old volleyball compatriot who used to be at
ISI) who worked with Mathis on the ADA ISO committee. He believes that
Mathis's strength is that he is at the right place at the right time.
He is not forceful, and we will have to supply that. Gary states, `you
can easily dominate him.'

Squires wants we 5 to meet in January to solidify plans. Mid-January 
is fine with me - perhaps I need to travel to the East then anyway.

Here is a list of people that Moon, Weinreb, and I consed up:

Bobrow		Xerox
VanMelle	Xerox
Masinter	Xerox
Griss		HP
Kessler		Utah
Greenblatt	LMI
Foderaro	Franz
Pratt		LMI
Barber		Gold Hill
vanRoggen	DEC
Wegman		IBM
Fateman		Berkeley/Franz
Hedrick		Rutgers
McCarthy	Stanford (invented Lisp)
Clinger		Indiana
Meehan		Yale
Rees		MIT
Bawden		MIT