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We   should  include  recognized  international  experts  on  the
technical committee for ISO.  It is likely that US  members  will
dominate,  but this should not be done by excluding anybody.  You
know the technical community better than  I  do.   If  there  are
appropriate  people  from  the international community, we should
include them as soon as possible.  -- Bob Mathis

ISO Committee Membership

In drafting the list of people on the technical committee, we must include
international representation as well as american. So says Mathis.

I talked to a manager at Xerox, and Bobrow is acceptable as the Xerox
representative (unless someone suddenly objects). This manager has the
power to stifle Masinter - that's why Masinter was not at the meeting
last week.

This Xerox manager objected to DLW and Moon both being on the committee.
I'm not sure I can manipulate him into acquiescing on this point.

I got some interesting mail from Utah, which is part of a discussion
among the Europeans. It seems their idea of a standard Lisp is a cros
between Scheme (good idea) and 3-Lisp (bad idea). Of course, they want a
formal semantics, which is tedious to do for a large language, so they
want a small language. I will forward that mail to you, but forward it
no further.