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    Date: 18 Dec 85  2125 PST
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SU-AI.ARPA>

    Squires wants we 5 to meet in January to solidify plans. Mid-January 
    is fine with me - perhaps I need to travel to the East then anyway.

    Here is a list of people that Moon, Weinreb, and I consed up:

I have roughly ordered it here according to my own preferences, and have
added a few names (indicated by *).  The ordering is affected not only
by estimation of ability to make technical contributions, but also by
considerations of representation, such as not wanting too many reps from
the same place and needing to have a rep from particular places.

    Bobrow          Xerox
    Bawden          MIT
    Griss           HP
  * Ida, Masayuki
    Clinger         Indiana   [actually, he's at Tektronix, isn't he?]
  * Chailloux, Jerome
    Fateman         Berkeley/Franz
  * Padget or Fitch (or Norman?)
    Rees            MIT
    Wegman          IBM
    Hedrick         Rutgers
    McCarthy        Stanford (invented Lisp)
    Greenblatt      LMI
    Kessler         Utah
    Barber          Gold Hill
    vanRoggen       DEC
    Foderaro        Franz
    Meehan          Yale
    VanMelle        Xerox
    Masinter        Xerox
    Pratt           LMI