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Japanese members

For Japanese representatives, we should also consider Yuasa and
Hagiya of Kyoto University.  These are the guys who implemented Kyoto
Common Lisp.  I don't know much about their abilities as language
designers, but at least they understand Common Lisp well, and consider
themselves part of the Common Lisp "school" of Lispers.  They're also
friendly and easy to get along with, and their English is good enough
that there wouldn't be any particular problems.

I don't know as much about Ida.  He's certainly a big Common Lisp
supporter, but I don't have much idea about him technically; maybe you
know more.  I don't know whether there is some Japanese force that would
tend to greatly prefer a Professor like Ida to a Grad Student like Yuasa
or Hagiya.

Takeuchi and Okuno from NTT are very bright and friendly guys too, but
because they are into their own language rather than Common Lisp, I'm
less inclined to propose their inclusion on the committee.

Then there's always Chikayama, of ICOT, who implemented Maclisp for the
IBM mainframes (UTILISP) and is designing ESP, the Fifth-Generation
Project language.  He's also very bright and knows about Lisp
implementations.  Hard to see an ICOT person on a Lisp standardization
committee, though!