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Moving forward

I assume you all got copies of the letter I sent to CL-ISO.  Please feel
free to pop up with corrections or amplificiations if you think that I
misrepresented anything.

It looks like Squires and Mathis do not feature one-day turnaround on
mail messages.  Rather than wait around for word from them, it might be
best to sound out Griss and Rees (and Boborow?) about their interest in
being on the committee, without actually making any offers.  While the
time demands of being on this committee will be significant, we might
also mention that it can vary from person to person.  The minimum
requirement is that the member must follow and think about all the mail
that goes by, must get to any meetings (which I for one will fight hard
to minimize), and must vote when we have to take a vote.  Some of us
will have the heavier task of moderating the discussion, answering any
mail that nobody else answers, and keeping track of the results; I'd
like to spread that task around among more people, but we don't have to
dump it on the new guys right way.

Dick, do you want to do this?

We'd batter wait to hear from Mathis before contacting the foreigners.

-- Scott