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[SQUIRES: Membership in committees]

It looks like Squires just sent this to me, though it may also have
gone to the rest of you.  Anyway...

Date: Monday, 6 January 1986  22:24-EST
From: Stephen L. Squires <SQUIRES at USC-ISI.ARPA>
To:   Fahlman
cc:   Squires at USC-ISI.ARPA
Re:   Membership in committees

This is an excellent initial proposal and rationale.

I am in favor of having Ohlander on the steering committee because of
both his historical involvement at DARPA and the role he will have at ISI.
I also believe that your rationale for the expanded steering committee
is a good one, including the intersection with the technical committee
because it provides a very effective bridge between the two. The fact
that John McCarthy is willing to participate is a wonderful.

Very careful consideration should be given to the technical committee.
I like the idea of taking the first step at making it international
from the beginning.

At what point should we have a "formal" meeting of at least the US people.
It might be useful to get the small group together (perhaps at DARPA)
so that Director, IPTO could meet them and discuss the plans to
make the next part of standardization happen. This would also be the
time to work out the draft work plan that Mathis needs to put
together for the ISO activities.