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Standardization of Common LISP

To all who receive this message (or should have), I would like to
have addresses for physical mail and phone numbers.  When  I  put
together  formal  packages,  I  would like to be able to send you

In my other message I sent a draft schedule for the  approval  of
an  X3  technical  committee  for Common LISP standardization.  I
have tried to explain the steps there.  This will be  the  public
committee  in the United States.  The technical committee we have
discussed  will  report  to  them  for  formal  approval  in  the
standards   committee  sense.   In  forming  a  standard,  it  is
important that everyone has had a chance to participate and  have
their  concerns  addressed.   This  public  committee is for that
purpose.  The intent is to achieve  consensus  on  a  technically
sound  and  acceptable standard; not to decide things by majority

The ISO proposal can go forward at about the same time.

X3 committees are open to international membership.  If  we  want
the   technical  committee  to  really  represent  the  technical
community, there should be some  non-US  members  on  it.   Scott
Fahlman  and  I  talked  on the phone and are in agreement on the
people  suggested  in  his  5  Jan  message  on  "Membership   in
Committees".   Ron  Ohlander  is  the  one  who  should be on the
steering committee.  Bob Balzer and Ron Ohlander  both  expressed
an  interest  to  me  and I was the source of the confusion about
their roles.  If we are  all  agreed,  who  should  invite  these
people to join?

I  am  drafting  the  proposal  to SPARC.  You should see it in a
couple of days.

Bob Mathis