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Schedule for approval of standards committee

DRAFT Schedule for the formation and approval of a new X3
Technical Committee for the standardization of Common LISP
(tentatively X3J13) (as of January 20, 1986):

     1   February      Documents to SPARC
     2   March 18      SPARC Meeting
     3   March 27      X3 Ballot out for "30 days"
     4   May 2         X3 Ballot closes
     5   May 27        Status Resolved
     6   May 28        Press Release & Meeting Announcement
     7   September     First Meeting
     8   November      Second Meeting
     9   November      X3 Ballot on Officers
     10  December 30   Organization Complete

1   February      Documents to SPARC

SPARC is the Standards Planning and Requirements Committee of X3.
It is the first committee which must approve the formation of any
new technical committees. It is also the committee which annually
reviews the work. Documents have to be sent out to SPARC members
at least two weeks before the meeting.  The January 21, 1986
meeting was too soon.

Once we have sent in the proposal, I think we should go "public"
with our intention to form this X3 Technical Committee. As long
as we are clear about its status, we should have no problems.
Mathis can serve as a focal point for information and
contributions. This will also be a place for everyone who might
be interested, but was not included on the technical or steering

2   March 18      SPARC Meeting

This meeting will be in Washington and Mathis can meet with them
sometime during their four day meeting. If two-thirds of the
committee approve, then the recommendation is forwarded to X3 for
a letter ballot.

3   March 27      X3 Ballot out for "30 days"

X3 letter ballots are normally mailed on Thursdays with the 30
day count starting the next Wednesday; this makes about a five
week period. Two-thirds of the members must approve.

4   May 2         X3 Ballot closes

If there are any negative votes, everyone is given 10 days to
reconsider their vote. The technical committee can still be
approved with negative votes, but the issues raised will have to
be addressed by the committee.

5   May 27        Status Resolved

If there were any negative votes, the supplemental response time
will have closed by now.

6   May 28        Press Release & Meeting Announcement

X3 Secretariat issues press release announcing the approval of
the technical committee, information about membership, and notice
of the first meeting (which must be at least six weeks away).

7   September     First Meeting

An early september date is best for the first official meeting of
the new X3-J? committee on Common LISP. This will allow plenty of
time for publicity, membership solicitation, and planning. It
also comes after the LISP meeting in Boston, August 4-6.

The first meeting will be held at CBEMA, 311 First St, NW,
Washington, DC 20001. Mathis will serve as convenor and acting
chairman. The agenda will include a discussion of the standards
process with a focus on the role and responsibilities of this
technical committee. By this time there should also be a set of
initial working documents, a detailed plan of work, and a meeting
schedule; work should begin on all these things now, but this is
the committee's time to accept and make it their own.

8   November      Second Meeting

At or after the second meeting officers can be nominated for
ballot by X3. There should be a Chairman, Vice Chairman,
Secretary, and International Representative (IR). Normally the
Chairman and Vice Chairman are chosen to have complementary roles
in leading the technical work and administering the standards
effort. One of the first three officers must be responsible for
maintaining the document register, membership list, and
communication with X3. One of the other officers can serve as IR
initially. For most technical committees, it has been difficult
to find people willing to take on these responsibilities.
Candidates must have a statement of management support and a
resume of expertise. They are elected for a three year term.
These people can also have leadership roles in the ISO working

9   November      X3 Ballot on Officers

X3 has a "30 day" (five week) ballot on the officer candidates.

10  December 30   Organization Complete