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We probably need to tell the Common Lisp mailing list about committee
membership soon, or people will start to wonder what went wrong.  It
might be good to announce the U.S. members of the steering committee and
technical committee members (subject to change once the official Lisp
committee is set up under ANSI this summer).  Maybe we should forget
about foreign members for the time being, since the Europeans are doing
their own thing and we can't communicate via net to Japan.

At the same time, we could tell people that we are going ahead with ANSI
standardization no matter what happens with EuLisp, and we'll decide
what to do about ISO later, when the situation has become clearer.

I believe that all the U.S. people we contacted have agreed to serve
except Griss.  Is that correct?  Any further word from Griss since he
asked how much time this was all likely to take?  Any further ideas
about a suitable substitute if Griss refuses?

-- Scott