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Griss etc


I will send Griss netmail and will do my best to contact him on
Monday.  If we haven't been able to get through to him in the next
couple of days, I think that's sufficient evidence that he isn't
interested in doing this and we should eliminate him from further

It would be an amazingly bad idea to take a second person from any one
company, especially Lucid or Symbolics, if we want to be able to turn
down people proposed by other companies.  That would create a major
firestorm.  It's too bad, because both Lucid and Symbolics have a number
of people who are, in my opinion, more qualified to be on this committee
than the obvious candidates from other companies, but there's no
objective measure and no way to get the community to accept this.  It
just looks very bad.

While I wanted to get at least one person from a big manufacturer of
stock hardware, I don't really see anyone to replace Griss.  In my view,
everyone on RPG's list is disqualified except Bawden and Greenblatt.
I'd go with Bawden if we need another body.

I believe that if Griss drops out, everyone on the proposed technical
committee has done time at MIT.  Oh, well...

-- Scott