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Griss etc

I've tried every possible means of reaching Griss, including netmail
3 or 4 times.  He is currently out of town until monday. I will be
in the Boston area Sunday through Wednesday, so perhaps Scott could
try calling him next week?

If Griss refuses, I believe we should follow through on our committment
to world-class people. I would like to have Bawden or Weinreb over
Foderaro, even though that doubles up on institutions or companies. I'd
rank people as follows:

	Jonl White*

The stars are Lucid-affiliated people, and I will eliminate them from
consideration. I don't feel a personal need to keep Symbolics folks off of
the committee, and I would be happy to see someone with as good judgement
as Weinreb has on the committee.  If Foderaro is felt to be world-class,
I'll be happy to be outvoted, but I do not want to open a floodgate of
furor because we caved into the politics of letting companies in who
simply want to be in. I'd rather try to handle the furor of 2 Symbolics
folks because I can sucessfully argue his competence.