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Re: Technical committee

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Subject: Technical committee


I have tried to reach Dick to discuss this, and we have been playing
telephone tag. I agree with your reasons for considering me. I am
interested in the ISO activity, and have some interest in serving, but
the time issue bothers me.  To what degree could I make use of an
"alternate" (or even nominate an alternate) from the company,
especially someone more directly involved in CL implementation (say
Alan Snyder from the labs, or Dave Mathews from FSD)?. To be
perfectty candid, most of my time these days is NOT focused on LISP
fundamentals, but much more of AI applied to SW engineering.

Have you also considered Bob Kessler for some role. He has taken up
the banner of PSL-like implementations in the Common LISP context?

I also have fairly good contacts with many of people on the Eulisp
committee, so again there is a rationale for my involvement, even if I
have to delegate some of the work.

Perhaps we could chat on phone?