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From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SU-AI.ARPA>
Subject: ISO 
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Martin, I think that if you had an assistant read the mail and keep you up
to date, and if you made the decisions, then I could live with that. But
it is *your* name and judgement that we want to tap, not HP's. Alan Snyder
is knowledgeable enough to do an ok job, but he is not experienced enough,
nor is he `world-class.'  Dave Matthews is a hell of a nice guy, but
we are looking for a guy who fits in with people of the calibre of
Steele, Fahlman, and Moon. 

I understand. Again, remember that I am not programming much these
days, mostly planning and mostly in new areas. I am not following CL
arguments closely on net, and don plan to spend much time checking