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    I do object to Fritz going to Mathis on this issue. I object to
    certain varieties of political influence. I would not have objected to
    Fritz calling or netmailing to one of us to plead his case.

It doesn't seem unreasonable to me.  There are probably a lot of
cunfused models out there about what procedure is going to be followed
in choosing this committee and what the size of it and the appropriate
criteria are.  If he called (either Bob Mathis or any of the rest of us)
to bully or threaten or apply pressure, that's one thing, but making his
company's desire and interest known to us, through the person who has
been designated as the official coordiantor for all this, seems quite
reasonable to me.  Calling several times is pushing it a bit, but we're
taking so long that maybe he thought we need a reminder.

--  Scott