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Technical Committee

RPG's counter-proposal is OK with me if it's OK with the rest of you.
I'd rather get on with this than argue.  But if we cut out Foderaro, we
will need a very carefully crafted statement of just what our criteria
are and how we plan to operate so that companies without members on teh
committee will not have any nasty suprises.  This should go out as part
of the message announcing the committee membership.  Dick, it sounds
like you've given all of this some thought.  Do you want to draft an
announcement message, that the rest of us can look at before it goes

On the Lucid version of the manual, there are several obvious questions.
First, is it suitable as a specification as well as a user's manual --
complete, precise, and so on?  Second, the community already has a
manual whose copyright is under control of a single company; will the
Lucid version be any less encumbered?  Under what conditions might you
release this to be used as the starting point for a public-domain
specification?  Third, my view is that we need something online,
accessible over the network and printable by some widely available
techology (e.g.  source files written in TEX or simple ASCII text
files).  There would have to be a recording secretary (not necessarily
one of us) who keeps this thing up to date as decisions get made.
Should this activity take place at Lucid?  We could probably find the
people to do it at CMU, but the files would have to live here.

Can the rest of us get a look at this manual?

-- Scott