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Proposed Message regarding X3J13 Membership


Thanks for putting that together.  It looks pretty good.  I've got some
tuning to propose on the presentation, and some modifications to propose
on the "technical contact" business.

Basically, I think we want to make clear that no final decisions will be made
until things have been discussed on the Common Lisp mailing list and
there has been sufficient time for itnerested parties to comment.  Also
that provision will be made for each implementation group to get some
sort of netmail access for one person, if they don't have it already.
I have no problem with having each company designate a spokesperson, if
they like, but I'm uneasy about having to communicate individually with
each of these people.

My machine has been flaking tonight, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow
morning to get these proposed changes off to you.  We may have to call
Steele by phone or something.

-- Scott