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I made one last attempt to get through to Griss, and succeeded this
time.  He's willing to be on the committee if it's not too late.  He
would get other H-P people to help him organize some of the more complex
issues, but agrees that the responsibility would be his and that he
would not be doing this specifically as a representative of H-P.  He
also says that he cannot agree in advance to attend every meeting that
might be called if there is no flexibility as to time and place, since
he does have some other responsibilities, but that's the case with all
the rest of us as well.

I think that the committee looks much better with him on than it does
without him, and that we should put him back on the list.  He may not be
as active as some of the rest of us, but his perspective will be
available when we need it.  Griss could be instead of Bawden, in
addition to Bawden (making an even number), or we could add someone else
to oddify things again.  I'd go for "instead of", I guess, unless
someone has told Bawden that he is definitely in.

-- Scott