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Mailing Lists


I would like to propose a slightly different system of mailing lists.

Open technical discussions and the announcement of all final decisions
of the steering and technical committee should be on Common-Lisp.

We might want to move standards-related stuff to some new list such as
CL-Standard, but that list would recieve essentially all of the traffic
that is now on Common-Lisp.  The only reason for doing this would be as
a way to do a GC of inactive readers.

We need a *private* channel for the steering committee and one for the
technical committee.  The point is to be able to discuss things within
the relevant committees that might ruffle feathers if discussed in the
open.  By "private", I mean accessible only to members of the relevant
committees and to specifically invited observers.  So CL-Steering and
CL-Technical mailing lists are needed, but they should not be archived
in a place that is accessible to the masses.

I don't really care what happens to the old quinquevirate list.  I think
it would be good if we all stopped talking about the "gang of five" now
-- it irritates the people who feel that we really have been too
dictatorial up until now.

-- Scott