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The Message

I agree with the emerging view that the Common Lisp process must continue
toward the next major accomplishment of handling the proposed revisions
so that the revised reference manual can be published.

I think that it is important that everyone keep in mind that Common Lisp
is an important part of a larger picture. The development and use of a
common Lisp is a very important accomplishment at this point in time
and is essential for the AI research community and the related applications
community achieve a much needed common base. There are other forums for
working out the Ideal Lisp. In fact, as this phase of Common Lisp development
gets underway it would be appropirate to have a small group interested
in focusing on more basic issues oriented to the future towards a more
Ideal Lisp to quitely get underway. It is important  that this not
detract from the very important Common Lisp process. It is also important
that as we see a new plateau being reached that we prepare for the next.
During this current phase we need to begin to include some junior people
to initially support the senior people and to serve as a source for
a new generation to take care of the Common Lisp becomes the DoD, ANSI,
and ISO standard. Some of the senior people need to turn their attention
toward the next plateau.

Dealing with these two objectives in a coordinated way should reduce
the tension that I see facing some of the people in their comments
on joining the technical committee. I have see this kind of situation
in other kinds of projects and have found this way of dealing with it
very helpful and productive.