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Fahlman message to Kunze 13 April

I agree with what Scott said in his message to Fritz Kunze on 13
April.  If any of you think I should tell that to Kunze, let me
know, but I think Fahlman's message was enough.

I try not to draw too many parallels with Ada, but there is a
relevant one here.  Data General, ROLM, TeleSoft, Rational, and
other companies have made substantial commitments to Ada.
TeleSoft's and Rational's total business is Ada oriented.  But
none of these named companies have members on the Ada Language
Issues committee (the parallel to our technical committee).
Alsys on the other hand has four members, not all of whom worked
for Alsys at the time of their selection, and who were of
sufficient standing in the Ada community to continue their
membership even after changing companies.  I have yet to hear any
comments to the effect that decisions were being made based on
any companies' particular strategies.

-- Bob