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Fahlman message to Kunze 13 April

Thanks for your support on this.  I think it is best not to send
anything more to Kunze at this time, especially if it is just to state
support for opinions already expressed.  If they come back and say, "OK,
we've heard from Fahlman, now what about the rest of you?", then it
would be appropriate to indicate that we're in agreement on this.  I'm
hoping that they will decide this is going nowhere, that they're alone
in their unhappiness with the process, and that it is time to move on to
more productive pursuits.  For now, it's best just wait and see what
they do and not encourage them to keep the debate alive.

My guess is that the next act of this play unfolds when X3J13 is formed.
They will try to make their point there, as is appropriate.  I'm hoping
we will have made a lot of progress by then.  (More on the topic of
progress later...)

-- Scott