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Re: Lisp Wizardry

In response to your message sent 1 Mar 1977 1316-PST

In response to your message sent 1 Mar 1977 1316-PST

Cordell and I talked briefly about it; I think it is  a great
idea. We had planned on talking to you about doing the course as well.

Maybe we should get together to talk about it.

Possible topics:

Lisp implementations: 
 methods of determining data-types (type tables, address boundaries,
  type bits)
 numbers (small numbers, numbers-on-the-stack), bignums
 function linkage, compiler techniques, garbage collection

Programming tools in various lisps
(I'm most familiar with Interlisp here, of course) -- Im thinking
of the editor, history, dwim, masterscope, etc.

Organization of large lisp systems.

I don't think people can write efficient code unless they have
some understanding of the implementation (or of the possible implementations)
of the code they are writting; that is why a large section
on implementation of Lisp.

We might have guest speakers? Make it a seminar, with people in
the class reporting? Have the class write a large lisp program
as part of the class?

Not sure about those things.


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